To make something special, you just have to believe it’s special.
Mr. Ping, Kung Fu Panda

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog!
I am Francesco known as Airscript on the web.

Since I was a kid I’ve demonstrated a strong curiosity for what surrounded me: videogames, sports, cinematography.
Just to name a few of the thousand things that fascinate me.

Oh yes! I cannot miss out an honorable mention to paleonthology and specifically to dinosaurs.
Just between us I hadn’t really forgotten them, I wanted them to have the attention they deserve.

Of all, however, computer science was the one I never lost sight of.
The possibility of being able to create tools that could make people’s life better through lines of code, got me so excited to make this interest, passion and later also work.

I currently work as a Software Engineer for a beautiful startup called hlpy.
Being able to contribuite to a project with a similar impact, makes me extremely satisfied and happy.

But hey, introductions aside, let me explain what leads me to write on this blog.

Why A Blog?

During 2022 I’ve decided to expose me publicly because I wanted to confront myself with other professionals in the sector.
The reason? I have known Progetto Happiness.

If you didn’t know Progetto Happiness, it is an initiative aimed to understanding what it is and how you can reach the happiness through a series of questions addressed to incredible people.

So here I am!
I too, like Giuseppe of the Project, would like to share with the whole world all the beauty that people that I know and interact with every day give me.

During this year I’ve got an invaluable value from these experiences and I want to share them with you.

What Can I Read?

As a great computer science enthusiast it seems absolutely obvious to me that the main topic will be that. I will treat it, however, in my own way.

How? I’ll put in a pinch of philosophy and simplicity: like those that distinguish me.

Beyond this, I’d like to build a bond with whoever reads what I write.
So expect to find totally generic articles, from time to time, about what happens during my daily adventures.

To Whom It Is Addressed?

This blog is aimed to anyone looking for a different point of view, to anyone who wants to question themselves or just learn something new.

Sure, okay, even if you want to find out why my name is airscript.

Where Can I Find You?

If you want to follow my adventures I’ll leave some useful links below.

But before that, I remind you that this blog is entirely Open Source.
This means that you can contribute to both its development and the drafting of articles, get inspiration and much more.

If you want to leave a star and support my project, you can find it at the following link.
I would be delighted if you did!

And now, without too much delay here are the links that I promised you:

  • here you can find everything you need, starting from my socials.
  • GitHub: this is my GitHub profile where all my open source project are.