Hey there! I am Francesco known as Airscript on the web.
Today with this blog post I want to share with you a new open source project that I’m developing: Awesome Steam Deck.

Why An Awesome List?

I’ve recently bought a Steam Deck and as always, I just started learning everything that I could learn about it.
So I’ve gathered information around all the web: from Reddit, independent blogs or even videos.

After all this research, something clicked in my mind and I told myself: “Maybe there is an Awesome List for this!”
I was wrong. Inside Awesome I didn’t find out something related. Only a few projects around GitHub but not updated anymore.
So I’ve decided to try in doing one myself, because I wanted to be of help to others and contribute to this wonderful ecosystem that Valve made.

How Have You Started?

I started from looking at the guidelines of an Awesome List. You need a lot of things to be compliant with Awesome, so I decided to learn about how to start properly first.
Next to this, I needed to gather information. Since I am familiar with interacting with communities, I found out one on Telegram called Steam Deck Italia.
Here I have found some marvelous people that shared knowledge freely and I’ve later decided to do a partnership with them to give thanks for the indirect help they gave.

After I had a small basis, I tried to reach out a bigger audience on Reddit. What I found there was mindblowing.
The project has been loved by many and a few people also gave me their projects in order to be included and maintained by me into my GitHub repository.
That’s where I just made the final changes and findings for the list.
People has started to share the list each other finding it useful and that just filled me up with happiness.

What’s Next?

In order to be a certified Awesome List, the list itself has to be as complete as possible and at least 30 days old.
Right now we’re in the second week of life so there’s much time ahead.
I’ve set some goals to reach before this three weeks finish up:

  • Reach 100 stars: it would be an awesome welcome ticket for Awesome;
  • Internationalize the project: accessibility is key for knowledge like this;
  • Make it as viral as possible: the purpose of this is to help, so the main thing is this.


So this is my new project. We have seen together why and how I started it and what goals I’ve set for it.
I’m looking forward to have contributors both for the list itself and for the internationalization part.
If you know spanish, french or german, it would be awesome and well appreciated your pull request.
Otherwise other types of contributions are always welcome, you know that.
Thank you kindly for reading this article!

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