Hey, there!
It has been a while since the last time!
I’ve finally completed a project that I couldn’t wait to share.
But first let’s start from the beginning. I’ve co-founded Molivair.

What Is Molivair?

Molivair was born with the goal of making our surroundings more colorful.
How it does it it’s very simple.
You have most likely come across art generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. At Molivair we do just that!
We generate art that will then be shared and auctioned on dedicated marketplaces.

How It Was Born?

It all started with a simple message on Telegram a few months ago.
Marco, the mastermind behind it all, had had a wonderful idea that he decided to share with me.
After learning about it, we immediately set to work.

The idea he told me about, however, will not be covered in this post.

There is a time and place for everything, but not now.
Professor Oak, Pokémon

What Are You Going To Talk To Us About, Then?

Of course, I didn’t come here empty-handed.
If you’ve been paying attention, I actually mentioned a project at the beginning.

What I am going to tell you about is Outpaintings.
Born from the inspiration of some creations found around, Outpaintings is a collection of ten famous expanded paintings. The name comes from this very expansion, which leads us to visually imagine what lies beyond the boundaries of a painting.
Let me tell you: it is truly fascinating.

This collection was made as a springboard for the main project from which this all started. We wanted to get a feel for the market, understand how the tools involved work, and spread the word about Molivair.
We hope you will enjoy it as much as it was with us as we generated each and every pixel.

How Did You Generate The Paintings?

If you are interested in knowing the process behind the creation of the paintings, you can let me know via the contact information I will leave at the end of the post. I would love to write something about it!

Where Can I Find Outpaintings?

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on OpenSea.


We have seen what is Molivair, how it is born and where you can find the first art collection: Outpaintings.

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